RIMA grant win together with Robotize3d

November 2021
Desupervised and Robotiz3d recently won an award from Horizon Europe’s RIMA (Robotics Inspection and Maintenance Activities) initiative. The RIMA funding grant will provide the opportunity for Desupervised to work with Robotiz3d, a company focused on developing an autonomous robotic platform to address the expanding need for automated road maintenance,

The UK, Danish Consortium, called CAARMS, will also benefit from RIMA’s free technical support and testing facilities from EU research institutions and universities over a 14-month period.

This is a crucial step forward in our development of the world’s first automated pothole detection and maintenance system. Artificial intelligence is the technology backbone of our solution; this award will help us accelerate the progress of our road defect detection system which uses dedicated sensors that can automatically identify, localize, and characterize road defects, classify them into severity levels, and predict their evolution.

The RIMA network consists of 13 European Digital Innovation Hubs with a vast combined experience in the field of robotics. The consortium is made up of Universities, Industry associations and research institutes and receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Project video (in Danish)


Johan Gudmundsson
CTO, Co-Founder
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